Our Office

  •  Republic of Belarus, Brest region, Brest district, Zbunin village, Gorodnik Ltd.
  •   + 375 (162) 51-00-80
  •  gorodnik.by@yandex.ru

With the help of modern circular saws and multi-saw machines, we process carefully selected sawlogs into high quality sawn timber. Gentle technical drying carefully tailored to each product ensures a targeted moisture content matched to the application.


  • Rough lumber
  • Side boards for packers and industrial processors
  • Sawmill by-products


  • By arrangement and in accordance with guidelines


  • 100% natural and renewable raw material
  • From sustainable forestry, no overfelling
  • CO2 store
  • Recyclable and CO2-neutral, usable for heat generation
  • Best static properties with low dead weight
  • Thermally insulating and therefore energy-saving building material
  • Natural energy supplier