Our Office

  •  Republic of Belarus, Brest region, Brest district, Zbunin village, Gorodnik Ltd.
  •   + 375 (162) 51-00-80
  •  gorodnik.by@yandex.ru

Gorodnik Ltd. buys on an ongoing basis:

  1. Logs of diameter from 26cm, length 6m, spruce, pine
  1. Woodworking tools and spare parts (circular saws, stellite, etc.)
  2. Stretch film transparent, film for packing lumber, packaging plastic protective corners, packaging tape, fluororescent crayons, sandpaper, nails.
  3. Stationery, personal protective equipment

Gorodnik Ltd. uses the following services:

  1. Transport and logistics companies for cargo transportation Belarus-Europe, Belarus-Asia.